the art of being wednesday


when you think your cramps are finished but then


I ran into a few of you guys today when we pulled up, and there was one person in particular that just came up to me and expressed her heart, that our music got her through some tough times. It just really touched me, and reminded me why we’re here. And you know, I’ve been thinking about this too, I hate the word rockstar, I hate the word celebrity, I hate that it puts people on a pedestal and separates them from everybody else. And I will never identify with that word, I will never be them, you know? I’m your brother. We’re in this together. Life is hard, and we need each other. And I know it’s like a weird thing for a band to be saying this on stage, you know, it’s weird saying this right now. But I just want to break down the barriers of all the stuff, of like, coming out and doing this song and dance; like I’m just a dude, trying to figure out things like you, you know? I need you guys as much as you need me. You know, we all need each other. And it’s really redefined some things for me. And so I just want to thank you guys for being open and honest with me when I see you in the streets. And it means a lot to me, it’s real. We’re all going through different things at different times, you know, some are harder than others, but if I could stand shoulder to shoulder with you I will.
- Mark Foster’s speech @ Fox Theater-Pomona // 4.8.14  (x)


Me whenever a character dies in Supernatural:


Museum of mondern Art, Helsinki.